Our History

Service Excellence Rooted in Tradition

Back in 1875, in Charleston, West Virginia, the Johnsons founded a company with a clear mission: to offer families compassionate, competent assistance during their time of grief, alleviate any type of bureaucratic stress, and provide respectful, dignified funeral arrangements.

Over the years, much has changed. Our company has grown, our funeral services have expanded as did our partner network, and our facilities have been upgraded. Still, our core values have remained the same.

We are still strictly family run and operated; Barlow Bonsall is now managed by Johnsons of the third and fourth generation. We are still ruled by compassion for the living and respect for the dead. And we still dedicate our time and energy to relieve you of all funeral-related pressures so you can focus on the live of your loved one and start to heal.

Today, we offer burial services, cremation services and local as well as national and international transportation of the deceased. We cater to various traditions and religious beliefs, and offer standard and customized funeral plans for different budgets and expectations. We stand by you at your time of need and also offer expert assistance if you are willing to plan ahead. In short: We are here for you anytime and anywhere you need us.

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