Technology in the Funeral Industry

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Technology has always been used in the funeral industry in one way or another. What has changed is how it’s being used, and why. The modern world is technology-driven, no matter whether we like it or not. To keep up, the funeral industry has had to adjust. The advances in technology have not only simplified things for funeral homes, but it has also done the same for customers. You will be surprised at all the different ways technology is being used. If you and your family are looking to learn about technology use in the funeral industry, then you can talk to cremation services in St. Albans, WV. They would be happy to help you!

How Is Technology Used in The Funeral Industry?

Technology is used in the funeral industry to make things easier and quicker. The changes that technology has brought to the funeral industry have been beneficial. They have helped the industry maintain its standing and keep pace with the rate at which the world is changing.

Types Of Technology Used

The COVID-19 crisis has thrown the world into a state of disarray. When people needed to social distance for their safety, that meant that fewer people would be able to attend funerals of their loved ones. The funeral industry leaned on the help of technology to help get over this hurdle. Some of these things have existed before COVID-19, but because of the virus, they have grown in popularity. Below is a list of ways that the funeral industry is using technology to its benefit.

  • Online Obituaries – Obituaries are a big part of funerals. Unfortunately, for most people, it can cost a lot of money to have put in a local newspaper. With an online obituary, any family is capable of writing one and having it hosted for however long they’d like. This allows people the chance to read it and revisit it as often as they want.
  • Online Memorials – Online memorials are similar to online obituaries in the sense that they are hosted on websites for just that purpose. If you can find someone who can create a website, or who has a website that focuses on memorials, then you would be able to host it there for as long as you would like. These sites can even become a place where families can talk, message one another, and share photos and videos.
  • Funeral Service Webcasts – Due to the virus, funeral homes were hesitant to have so many people so close together. One thing that became increasingly popular was funeral service webcasts. These webcasts allowed for family members of the deceased to view the funeral on a computer, phone, or tablet from the comfort of their own home. This was very popular during the height of the pandemic.
  • Online Funeral Planning – Online funeral planning allows people to plan out a funeral whenever they would like. They could do it once someone hasCremation service in St. Albans WV passed away, but also if they are thinking about doing it in advance to be prepared.

Technology can sometimes scare people. It is ever-changing and can be somewhat difficult to learn. But it is so helpful in so many ways. Technology has helped to strengthen the funeral industry and will only continue to do so in the future. If you and your family are interested in learning about the types of technology available to you at funeral homes, you can speak with cremation services in St. Albans, WV or visit our facility now.

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