What are Your Options if You Wish to Scatter Ashes?

cremation services in Dunbar, WV

Many families are turning to cremation services when the time comes to plan final services for a loved one who has died. That’s not to say that cremation services in Dunbar, WV are necessarily better than funeral services. But more people are planning cremations than was previously the case, and there are some reasons behind why it’s becoming more and more common. But if you do plan to cremate a relative, what will you do with the ashes afterward?


There are different options you can pursue if the plan is to scatter the ashes. What follows is a look at some of the things you can do.


Scatter on the Ground

The most common type of scattering involves scattering the ashes of the deceased on the ground. You can buy a scattering urn from the funeral home you hire to arrange the final services. Such an urn will actually make it easier to scatter the ashes. You can do so on your family’s property such as in a garden or around a tree. This can be all the more appropriate if the deceased had loved spending time in the great outdoors. If you scatter in the garden, you can use a shovel to create a trench, pour the ashes in the trench, and then use the shovel to cover over the trench. You might want to have a small memorial service or family gathering before scattering the ashes in a place packed with sentimental meaning.


Scatter on the Water

Another popular option is to scatter cremation ashes on a body of water. This will require you to get on a boat and to launch out from shore. Do you or someone else in your family own or have access to a boat? If not, you can hire someone to help out in this regard. You can then scatter the ashes overboard. This could be a fitting scattering option if the deceased loved the water whether it involved swimming, boating, jet skiing, scuba diving, or doing other water activities. Another option would be to buy a biodegradable urn so that you could place the urn in the water where it would over time breakdown. Cremation urns are environmentally safe and do not present any adverse health risks, so you won’t have to worry on those fronts.


Scatter in the Air

Scattering in the air is another common option. You can cast the ashes by shaking them from an urn. There are urns that will make this a lot easier. Just be certain that you’re aware of the direction the window is blowing so that you don’t inadvertently have the wind blow cremation ashes onto you, your family, or on others who attend the scattering event.

cremation services in Dunbar, WV

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