What to Know About Attending a Funeral Home Visitation

What to Know About Attending a Funeral Home Visitation

What to Know About Attending a Funeral Home Visitation

It’s likely that you’ve experienced deaths in your family, whether immediate family or extended family, in the past. There are many rites of passage connected to marking the death of a family member, and one of them happens to be the visitation. You can always ask a Charleston, WV funeral home for the ins and outs of visitations, but you can start out by reading on to find out stuff you should know before you go to your next visitation.

What is a Visitation Anyway?

It pays to know what a visitation is in the first place. It’s essentially an event — held wherever the grieving family desires — where family and friends can visit with the grieving family. The setting of a visitation is usually personal, which means that it can take place in a home, a chapel, or someplace else. A funeral home can provide advice on where a visitation can be held. In fact, many funeral homes actually offer spaces where visitations can be held.

Does the Body Have to be Present?

That entirely depends on the grieving family. Some include the body in an open casket, some include the body in a closed casket, and some choose not to include the body at all. The decision should come down to what the grieving family wants.

Who Should Go to a Visitation?

Another consideration to mull over is who should attend. If you’re part of the grieving family, then it makes sense for you and your other loved ones to be there. In addition to family members, other people who should consider going are those who actually knew the deceased or who know the grieving family. There are times when the grieving family may limit attendance to close family members and close friends. In such a case, the grieving family’s wishes should be honored.

What Should You Say if You’re Attending One?

What you say will depend on whether you’re part of the grieving family or you’re supporting a grieving family. On the one hand, if you’re part of the grieving family, you’ll want to comfort other family members and thank others for coming and showing support. On the other hand, if you’re supporting the grieving family, you’ll want to convey your condolences, let the family know that you’re thinking of them and praying for them, and offer your assistance should it be required. Try not to bring up any unrelated topics when attending the visitation. The focus should be on the grieving family and on the deceased.

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