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One of the biggest burdens that families can face after a loved one has passed away is the financial cost of paying for the funeral or cremation. Not only are you dealing with the grief and loss, but you also need to face the financial expenses that will need to be paid so that you can have a nice memorial for friends and family. The planning and financial costs can add unneeded stress during this time that is already difficult to bear.

At Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium, we offer the support that you need when you are planning a funeral or cremation. We know that there are multiple funeral homes in Milton, WV and the surrounding areas. But, the services aren’t all the same. If you want the best service during this difficult time, then we invite you to contact our team to learn more about the ways that we can help.


Cremations or Burial: Which is Cheaper?

Even though a traditional burial has been common for many years, many families are choosing alternative options. If you choose a traditional burial, then the expenses can add up! You will need to pay for the embalming, a casket, the funeral services, a graveside service, as well as the plot where the person will be buried. Add up these costs, and you will be looking at a bill of thousands of dollars. The total cost will vary depending on the location of the plot, the type of casket that you choose, and the other services that will be needed.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the costs is with cremation. These services can be done as a stand-alone way to prepare the body for the final resting place. Or, cremation can be combined with a life celebration or a memorial service. The great thing about cremation is that you can choose the best way for your family to remember the person that has been lost.

If you choose cremation, then you can avoid the costs of embalming and a full burial plot. Some families invest in a beautiful urn to be kept in their home. Other times, the ashes are scattered in a place that was special to the deceased.


Choose a Reputable Funeral Home

As you are comparing your options in Milton, WV, you will see that there are several funeral homes to consider. The goal is to pick the service that will best meet the needs of your family. It is a good idea to do your homework so that you can learn more about each company, giving you the opportunity to see what you can expect if you hire the funeral home.

A good reputation is essential to ensure that you have a positive experience on the day of the funeral. An experienced funeral home will take care of all of the details so that you can focus on the activities with your family. Here at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium, we work hard to reduce your stress levels and handle the logistics of the day.

If you want to hire the best funeral home in Milton, then you need to talk to our staff at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. Not only do we provide the undivided attention that you deserve, but we also offer services that aren’t available from other companies. For example, we are the only provider of cremations in the area.


Planning in Advance for Your Cremation or Burial

Here at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium, we want to make it as easy as possible to plan a funeral. One service that you might consider is the option to plan your funeral in advance. These details can be arranged while you are living so that you don’t have to leave the burden on your family members.

Planning in advance will allow you to specify your preferences for the services and the way your body is laid to rest. For example, some people prefer cremation, so they plan this service in advance to avoid the need for the family to make this decision. You can talk to our team and make the arrangements. Then, everything will be ready to go when it is time for the funeral.

One advantage of advanced planning for a funeral is that you can reduce the costs of the services. Prices change over time, but planning ahead will allow you to lock in the prices. This cost will be set, and you don’t have to worry about extra fees in the future. You can pay the costs according to a plan that works for your financial situation. When the funeral is held, your family won’t need to come up with the money to pay for these expenses.

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