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If you are facing the loss of a loved one, then you might be dealing with the difficult decision of choosing a funeral home or cremation services. During this time, it is important to honor the life of the person that you have lost. So, you need to consider the options to pick the services that will best memorialize that individual.

It is important to remember a loved one when they have passed away, and that means you need to choose the right memorial service. When making your decision about funeral homes or cremation services, consider what would best honor their life as it was lived.

The final resting place and the funeral services help friends and family members to say goodbye and grieve the loss. Here at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium, we can help you compare the options so that you can choose a solution that will match the needs of your family. If you live in St Albans, WV or the surrounding areas, then we invite you to contact us to learn more. We will simplify the process by managing the details and offering advice to help you make the difficult decisions every step of the way.


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Full-Service Funeral Home and Cremations in St. Albans, WV

There are many things that you need to worry about when planning a funeral, and people often feel overwhelmed when they are making these decisions. There is no reason for you to feel like you can’t keep up with the decisions. There is help available if you’re struggling with the decisions and don’t know where to start.

Hire the leading staff at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium.

We will start with a conversation to learn more about the services and plan that will work best for your family. Then, we will work with you during the planning process to identify the small and large details that will make it a beautiful day to remember the person that you love.

Our funeral staff will work with you and discuss even the minute details for your loved one’s service. We want to make sure that your loved one is truly remembered by everyone who attends their funeral or memorial service.

Our goal is to reduce your stress levels and give you the opportunity to spend time with the people in your family. This day is an opportunity to gather and share memories of the deceased, giving each person the chance to say goodbye. It can be difficult and heart-warming to plan and experience these things with friends and family.

A full-service funeral home, such as Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium, will stay by your side every step of the way. We have the experience to know the best ways to handle the planning, ensuring that your family will have the best experience possible.


Traditional or Modern Funeral Services

Traditionally, funeral services involved an embalmment, viewing, funeral, and burial. But, some people are choosing different options to cater to the modern preferences of the family. Our team will gladly create the plans that best serve your preferences and the requests of the deceased.

We are the only funeral home in St. Albans that offers cremation. So, you should call our funeral home if you are looking for some of the modern options that include cremation.

There are many benefits of going against tradition and choosing cremation over a traditional funeral. With this method, you don’t have to worry about paying for embalmment or the use of a funeral home for viewing and memorial services – just some costs associated with cremation itself. This is cheaper than other options such as casket burial plots too!

But, if you choose cremation, you can include a memorial or any other tribute that would fit the needs of your family. Modern funeral planning is catered around the needs of each person, instead of sticking to the traditional mold that has been commonly used in the past.


Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Have you considered the option to reduce the stress on your family by planning your funeral in advance? There is no reason to leave the burden on the people that you love. Instead, consider the benefits of pre-planning by choosing a funeral home and paying for the services in advance.

With pre-planning, you can choose the details for your funeral and pay in advance to save money on costs. This ensures that planning matches personal preferences while relieving financial burden from loved ones left behind.

Pre-planning is a great idea when you are nearing the end of your life. Or, you might choose pre-planning services if you are in good health. Planning in advance will ensure that the details are in place in case an unexpected situation occurs.


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Whether you are pre-planning your funeral to prepare in advance or you are facing the difficult situation of planning a funeral for someone that you love, Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium is here to help! You are invited to schedule a time to talk to our staff, to learn more about the services that are available.

Come to our funeral home at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. Or call if you have questions to ask over the phone: (304) 342-8135



Funeral and Cremation FAQs

What if I want to change my pre-planned funeral?

You may have planned your funeral while living in one state, and then moved to another. You may have opted for burial early on, and now realize you prefer cremation. At Barlow Bonsall, we understand that plans change and we accommodate them at every stage. Call us to discuss your pre-planning concerns.


What is included in your transport service?


What are the available options for wooden funeral caskets?

Skilled craftsmen use the highest quality mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, oak, and other species to build our wood funeral caskets. A variety of finishes are available from elegant, understated matte or satin finishes to gleaming, hand-polished finishes designed to highlight the natural loveliness of the wood.Learn more.


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