Cremation Urns

Finding the right urn for cremation is a special tribute and a beautiful way to honor your loved one.

The Materials

Cremation urns for ashes can be exquisitely handcrafted works of art such as hand-cut crystal or blown glass made by master craftsmen. Marble and jade urns for cremation have enduring strength. These urns, constructed of solid natural stone from prized international quarries, are hand-finished and strategically cut. Brass and pewter cremation urns for ashes are classic and timeless, constructed of high-grade brass material and engravable.

Glowing spun bronze cremation urns for ashes are resplendent and fabricated bronze urns provide a perfect surface for engraving. Porcelain urns are individually painted and baked to a high-gloss finish. Our wood urns for cremation are made of elegant natural woods from walnut to oak, rosewood, bamboo, and more.


Cremation urns for ashes can be personalized with a charm or engraved, depending on the material. Bronze urns for cremation can be custom caste, transforming up to two photographs into a meaningful memorial of your loved one. Urns created from lost wax bronze casting or resin molds are artistic sculptures designed to showcase in a place of honor. Wood urns for cremation can contain a color infused tile from a personal photograph to memorialize your loved one.

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