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Why Pre-Plan a Funeral

Virtual Lunch & Learn; Advanced Funeral Planning

No Guesswork. At Barlow Bonsall, our trusted pre-need staff will consult you on the different funeral options and work with you to design a package that best suits your specific wishes. When the time comes, your plans will be put into action, and the funeral will proceed exactly the way you would have wanted it.

No Pressure. By pre planning your funeral, you will spare your loved ones stress, anxiety, and expenses during their time of loss. Rather than cause them added emotional and financial pressure, you will help them remember your life and start the healing process.

Pre Planning Cremation & Funeral Services

  • Guaranteed Prices. Barlow Bonsall offers a Guaranteed Trust Plan allowing you to secure a price for a pre-planned funeral today. This price will not increase with inflation or time. All Pre planned  funeral services are price guaranteed, and there will be no additional expenses later on. For more information on our Guaranteed Trust Plan request a brochure.
  • Significant Savings. Funeral expenses vary greatly depending on specific service options. By researching the various possibilities and making your choices calmly in advance, you will avoid unnecessary expenses. At Barlow Bonsall, we offer transparent pricing helping you put together the budget that is right for you.
  • Flexible Payment Plans. Our experienced funeral directors are on hand to help you select the funeral package that best fits your needs. You can then decide whether to pay the price in full today, or opt for a flexible payment plan with no interest for up to four years.
  • Expert Pre-need Staff. Trusted and valued by customers around the country, our pre-need specialists combine experience and compassion. They are available to discuss the different options with you and tailor the funeral plan to your needs and your budget.
  • Adaptable Contracts. You may have planned your funeral while living in one state, and then moved to another. You may have opted for burial early on, and now realize you prefer cremation. At Barlow Bonsall, we understand that plans change and we accommodate them at every stage.
  • Secure Payment. By State and Federal Law, funds for prepaid funerals must be deposited in a special insurance policy. You can thus rest assured that your funds will be secure.
  • A Stellar Reputation. We are a family-run company, owned and operated by Licensed Funeral Directors, Wayne and Mack Johnson. We have been in business for over 130 years enjoying the trust of customers around the country.

To learn more about our funeral pre-planning cremation programs request a brochure. Or just call us at (304) 342-8135 / (800) 423-0648 to speak to one of our experienced pre-need funeral directors.

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