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Cremation Offers Multiple Choices for a Final Goodbye

Cremation is becoming ever more prevalent. We provide low-cost cremation within your budget. It is less expensive than traditional funerals, helps conserve the environment, and offers multiple choices for a final goodbye. If you have decided on cremation, trust Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium in Charleston, WV to guide you through the process and make the experience as stress-free as possible for you.

Low-Cost Cremation offers:

A Variety of Service Plans Including

  • Direct cremation with no service: This is a type of funeral where the deceased will be cremated and there may or may not be a private ceremony. When there is no request for a private ceremony, the body is delivered to the crematory who must obtain permission from law enforcement to facilitate disposal. There are many reasons for this kind of service- some people have personal beliefs that do not align with any religion and choose direct cremation because it does not interfere with their system of beliefs, others simply spend too much time away from loved ones and want to get back to their work quickly.
  • Cremation funeral with optional viewing: If you would like to have a funeral with an "optional viewing" from your family and friends, a cremation funeral is perfect for you. With some simple preparation, the body can be cremated without a public viewing first. You may also want to dress up the urn before the disposition of ashes to symbolize sending off someone peacefully. We would recommend going with simpler memorial services because they will not be able to handle large crowds well.
  • Graveside services: In this service, the cremated remains are taken to a funeral home and given a dignified ceremony in a chapel or other room on the premises. A memorial urn can be buried at a designated gravesite, usually in an area of the cemetery that's been reserved for cremated remains.
  • Celebration of life reception: A celebration of life is a memorial service where the focus is on celebrating the character and uniqueness of the person who died. A funeral home often offers this type of service, but friends or religious family members may plan it themselves. There's no particular order for parts of a ceremony, so it can be tailored to reflect your loved one's personality and interests.

Multitude Of Resting Places:

  • Mausoleum: Some people choose to keep cremated ashes in an urn on display in their home or office while others may store them together with other family members' cremated remains in a mausoleum. A mausoleum is an architectural structure that houses urns or other containers of cremated remains. Mausoleums are typically used for people with strong ties to their community or who want their final resting place to be more than just an empty plot of land.
  • Burial in the family plot: Many people are opting for cremation over traditional burial nowadays. This can be a difficult decision, but there are many reasons to choose the cremation option. One of the biggest benefits is that you have more flexibility in deciding what to do with your loved one's ashes. The advantages of burying cremation ashes in a family plot are that there is no need to purchase an expensive urn, the remains can be scattered on the gravesite, and it also offers a sense of closure for some families. Cremation ashes can be interred in family plots where many generations of family members have been buried over the years. This option offers a sense of unity with those who came before you while still giving you the freedom to scatter your loved one’s ashes somewhere special if desired.
  • Scattering on land or sea: Scattering ashes on land provides more of an opportunity for loved ones to visit, but it's also illegal in some parts of the world. Sea burial can be seen as a tribute to nature and allows for all the particles from cremated remains to spread out over time, which is why many choose this option over land scattering. Landscaping urns can be placed in gardens or parks while cremation urns that contain the remains of an individual may be scattered at sea with permission from federal authorities. If you're looking to scatter ashes on land, it's important to note that burial plots will need to be purchased ahead of time and there could also be local laws prohibiting this practice.

All Products and Ceremonial Items

  • Range of urns to suit your taste and budget: The range of urns available today is vast and varied. Many factors can influence your decision on which type to purchase, such as the costs involved in cremation or burial. Some people might think that all urns are the same, but they couldn't be more wrong. The type of urn you choose to store your loved one's ashes depends on several factors, including taste and budget. Whether you're looking for something simple or ornate, we have an option for everyone. Remember that this is a purchase that will last forever so it should be well thought out before making any decisions!
  • Memento items and jewelry: Some people think that cremation ashes are just a symbol of what's left behind, but there are many ways to keep your loved one close with cremation memento items. These include jewelry, urns, and other keepsakes made from cremated remains. This type of keepsake allows you to keep a piece of them close to your heart wherever you go so they can always be with you in spirit and live on forever in your memories. The best part about these types of items is that they are not only functional but also have sentimental value for those who have lost someone important in their lives.
  • DVD showcasing pictures of your loved one: For people who have lost loved ones, it can be difficult to deal with their absence. Grief is a natural response that one goes through when one loses someone. Many people find comfort in remembering the good times and how much they missed them. A way that many people do this is by looking at pictures of their loved ones. This DVD showcases photographs of the deceased during different points in their life, which might provide some closure for those grieving because it helps you remember all the time spent together and will help you feel closer to them again.
  • We supply flowers and music: Flowers and music for funerals are a delicate balance. The floral arrangements need to be calming, yet still, represent beauty and life. Our funeral home can provide these flowers along with any type of musician you desire from cello players to drumlines. We're here to help you honor your departed loved ones with an event that will be heartwarming, sentimental, and memorable. Leave it up to us!

What to Expect When You Choose Cremation

When the time comes, don’t hesitate to contact Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. We are available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week for all your needs and will guide you through every step to make sure that our local facility can best accommodate what is needed with respect or dignity during this difficult period of grief-stricken transition.


Funeral homes are a haven for people who have lost their loved ones. Our staff is here to greet you and answer any questions along the way, ensuring that your time of grief isn’t interrupted by worrying about where or how transportation will happen next. In addition, we provide identification bracelets so there’s no confusion as well! When all preparations have been made, our team carefully carries out this process while being discreet at every step in order not to disrupt what happens around us – which goes far beyond just protocol but becomes second nature during such times too.

Our staff is extremely sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of our loved ones. We always take great care when moving a deceased person, keeping in mind that they were once alive with emotion just like you or me. This includes covering them up so as not to see any nudity from afar before gently lifting them onto cot-covered sheets for transport.

Arrival at the Funeral Home

The deceased is placed into refrigerated care upon arrival. The room temperature-control, the secure environment provides for basic sanitary procedures to take place before viewing begins or if requested by family members who have not seen their loved one in a while.

Final Arrangements

After the family meets with a funeral director, they may be asked to bring in specific clothing and accessories so that their loved one can have an appropriate outfit for burial or cremation. Funeral directors and their teams can provide many helpful resources to guide families through this difficult time, including selecting a cremation casket or urn from among various products on offer at our funeral home, we have everything available!

The purpose of a casket is to respectfully enclose the body during viewing, transportation, and final disposition. The funeral director will also help families choose an urn if they prefer this alternative over a temporary container, we provide them with.


A private viewing is not necessary for most family members, but it's recommended in some circumstances. A public wake or funeral service would give people the opportunity to pay their respects during an extended period if they wanted this type of gathering ceremony before having one-on-one interactions with those who've passed away at home. Public events like these can't accommodate everyone on site so advance notice is usually required - otherwise, only immediate next friends/family will be able to see your loved ones coffins up close due to Pandemic restrictions.

Cremation Permits

We work with the Office of Chief Medical Examiner in West Virginia to ensure that all documentation has been obtained and verified before cremation. Our staff will confirm who you believe is deceased, one final time! The deceased cannot receive any memorial services or burials until this validation takes place which guarantees no mistakes are made during finalization. This ensures that a doctor has determined the cause of death and signed off on it. At this point, we also ensure no other questions are surrounding what happened or how someone died so you can rest easy knowing your loved one got their affairs in order before they passed away with dignity!


Once the identity is confirmed, a funeral director escorts you to the crematory. Here they will prepare for your loved one's final journey by properly identifying them and ensuring their safety on this important day. Family members can choose whether they want to attend the cremation. If so, then a special room becomes available where family and friends gather with loved ones before their final journey ahead of them into eternity.

The crematory operator confirms the deceased’s identity one more time before they begin. The metal disk with a unique number on it that was assigned to their loved ones will stay with them throughout this process and can be used as confirmation at any point in time if needed. After the cremation, our loved one's remains are placed in a box and stored until they can be removed. We then break down their bones into tiny pieces so that only ash is left behind as an acknowledgment for what was once someone’s life: gone but not forgotten.

Returning Remains to the Family

We will make an appointment to return the remains as soon as possible after receiving instructions from a family member. The ashes are then given back so that they can be laid away at home or elsewhere. The urn may be viewed in a private room by family members. We will also provide any keepsakes they wish to take with them such as jewelry or other items that are special and meaningful. The funeral director is there to help you finalize the arrangements. They will provide a certificate of cremation and affidavit so that relatives can transport remains at their convenience, whether it's for burial or placement in a niche; they'll make sure everything comes together on day-of services as well if preferred.

We can provide you with a guide for the cremation process from beginning to end, including everything from how to select an urn or casket and deciding what type of ceremony is right for your loved one. If this sounds like something that would be helpful to you as a family member, friend, or caregiver contact us today. Our team is here every day ready and waiting to help walk you through any questions about our services so that we can give them the final farewell they deserve.

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